Grade 2

Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention


Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Identify safety rules to be followed in the home, school and community (eg. Electrical safety, schoolyard rules, bus safety);

Describe types of verbal & physical violence (eg. Name calling, hitting, kicking);

Explain the importance of being able to say no to exploitive behaviours (eg. Improper touching, and describe how to seek help

Explain and list Elmer’s  seven safety rules

Safely cross the street

Enter a school bus safely and efficiently

Demonstrate bus evacuation procedures

School Bus evacuation video

Practice makes perfect video

Recognize and respond properly to traffic signals & signs in the village

Identify construction flag colours and state what they represent

Smoke alarms

Carbon monoxide detectors

Getting to know E.D.I.T.H video

Learn to draw a fire escape plan

Kitchen hazards (visual demonstration)

Sparky’s bedroom escape plan

Recognizing a paramedic

Identify community helpers

Reinforce 9-1-1

Cell Phone Sally Video

Ted E Medics 4 safety rules

Play at school & home safely

Ambulance tour and equipment used

Define and recognize an emergency

Identify different types of weather that may happen in our community

Understand the impacts of the weather on the community (eg. freezing rain and its impact on critical infrastructure & society)

Identify items that are helpful in an emergency

Ice storms/freezing rain