Grade 4

Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention


Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Apply decision making and problem solving skills in addressing threats to personal safety (eg. From abuse or physical fighting) and injury prevention(eg. Bike and road safety)

Identify people (eg. Parents, guardians, neighbours, teachers and community agencies (eg. Kids Help Phone) that can assist with injury prevention, emergency situations and violence prevention

Conduct the pre-ride bike safety inspection

State safety equipment and hand signals required to be safe

Recognize and understand traffic signals and signs and understand that bikes are vehicles and must obey all traffic signs

Understand the bike procedures at the crosswalk

Demonstrate hand signals

Know and demonstrate safe riding practices in the Safety Village

Bill Nye the Science Guy bike safety video

Identify construction flag colours and state what the represent

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Hazard house simulation & discussion

Kitchen Safety

Review escape plan

Sparky’s bedroom escape plan

Central Nervous System

Medications, Poisoning and addictions (eg. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, energy drinks, video games, internet)

Learning the short and long term effects of smoking, lung/oral cancer, addiction, peer pressure.

Define and recognize emergencies and disasters

Apply decision making to assess risks and make safe decisions in a variety of situations

Understand the importance of being prepared

Identify useful emergency supplies

Lightning safety