Grade 6

Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention

Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Identify and describe appropriate methods for preventing and treating ailments (eg. Sunburn, minor cuts)

Identify the responsibilities associated with caring for themselves and others (eg. While babysitting)

Describe and respond appropriately to potentially violent situations relevant to themselves (eg. Threats, harassment, violence in the media)

Internet Safety

Identify the positive aspects of the internet

Identify the dangers that the internet poses

List six internet safety tips and understand their importance

The Internet & You-Staying Safe video


Define bullying

List 3 types of bullying

Know the criminal consequences of bullying

Understand that reporting bullying is important step to stop the behaviour

Know how to avoid being a target

Know the five steps to deal with a bully


Review Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors

Review video from Grade 5

PowerPoint presentation on Babysitting

Fire happens while babysitting

Sparky’s bedroom escape plan (Challenged with both rooms full of artificial smoke)

Review of Central Nervous System

Basic First Aid (Bleed control, conscious choking, fracture management)

Identify natural and human caused disasters

Demonstrate an understanding of safety practices and appropriate procedures for dealing with emergency and disaster situations

Understand the importance of planning for emergencies

Identify items that are useful in an emergency kit (including evacuation supplies)