Grade 7

Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention


Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Describe harassment and identify ways of dealing with it (eg. Communicating feelings and reporting incidents of harassment)

Identify people and resources that can support someone experiencing harassment

Outline a variety of issues related to substance use and abuse (eg. The effects of second hand smoke, the impact of the laws governing drug use, including the use of tobacco & alcohol

Identify and categorize drugs as stimulants, depressants & hallucinogens

Apply decision making process to make informed choices regarding drug use

Demonstrate strategies that be used to counter pressure to smoke, drink and take drugs and identify healthy alternatives

Youth & the Law

Peer Pressure

Bullying is now considered harassment and/or assault

Review smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors

Fire escape plans

No time to spare video

Introduction to Arson

What could happen?

What if it’s a medical emergency?

Starting fires can affect many people

Sparky’s bedroom escape plan (Challenge when both rooms filled with artificial smoke)

Drug & Alcohol awareness

Definitions (eg. Prescription, over the counter)


Taking prescriptions that aren’t prescribed to you & the dangers

Consequences of overdosing

Alcohol abuse

Understanding/recognizing signs of addiction

Being a role model

Be able to identify natural and human caused disasters in our community and around the world

Understand the importance of creating a family emergency plan

Understand the importance of creating a family emergency kit

Earthquakes and hurricanes