Grade 8

Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention


Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Analyze situations that are potentially dangerous to personal safety

Identify support services that assist with victims of violence, and explain how to access them

Outline the possible negative consequences of substance use and abuse

Identify those school and community resources that are involved in preventing and treating substance abuse

Describe causes and symptoms of stress in a positive ways (as oppsed to substance abuse) to relieve stress

Apply the steps of a decision making process to addess age specific situations related to personal health and well being in which substance use or abuse is one of the factors

Drug & Alcohol abuse

Peer Pressure

Drug & Alcohol use on the body

Drugs, Alcohol & the law

Review smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors

Advanced Fire Setting (Arson)

Arson & the Law

Reasons for fire setting

No time to Spare video

What happens to arsonists

Sparkys bedroom escape plan

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Peer Pressure

Alcohol Poisioning

Drug overdose

Responding to an overdose call

Powerpoint presentation

Be able to identify natural and human caused disasters in our community and around the world

Demonstrate the ability to assess situations for potential dangers and apply strategies for avoiding dangerous situations

Demonstrate the importance of creating a family emergency plan

Demonstrate the importance of creating a family emergency kit

Hazardous materials and shelter in place