Ministry of Education& Training Ontario Curriculum
Personal Safety & Injury Prevention


Ontario Curriculum




Be Disaster Ready

Outline the potential risks in the home, school and community;

Describe explosive behaviours (bullying, innappropriate touching) and the associated feelings with them;

Identify people who can provide personal safety assistance and how to access them.

Recognizing a Police Officer and identify them as community helpers.

Identify other community helpers.

Know the definition of a stranger and how to react to a stranger

Be able to identify Elmer the Safety Elephant

Recite and understand Elmers first traffic safety rule

Recognize and respond properly to traffic and cross walk signals

Video on “stay alert, stay safe”

Identify construction flag colour and state what they are


Smoke Alarms

Elmo and the Fire video

Stop, Drop & Roll (Active demonstration)

Home Escape Plans

Good fire/bad fire

Turnout gear dress up (see all parts of the turn out gear,  listen to the sound and talk about not hiding from Firefighters)

Sparky’s bedroom active participation

Recognizing a Paramedic and identifying them as a community helper

Discuss the importance of


Fall Prevention & playground safety

Choking & Strangulation & Suffocation


Ted E Medic’s 4 rules

Ambulance (tour)


Idenitify community helpers including red cross volunteers

Recognize an emergency situation

Be aware of the different types of weather and its impact on individuals and the community

Understand the importance of being prepared

Identify items that may be helpful during an emergency (items that living creatures need)

Thunderstorms and power outages