Community Groups

Scouts and Girl Guides

Twice a year we set up for Scouts and Guides to come into the village, for Safety Education from Police and Fire. On those days we also work with their leaders, on determining what support and education we can provide for any badge work requirements. These days are usually set up on a P.D. Day.

Senior’s Safety Day

The number of Senior’s Safety Days that we set up is determined by the number of Senior’s interested in coming to the Village. We provide these seminars 3 to 4 times a year, with Senior’s attending from across Niagara. We deliver programs in our Police, Fire, and E.M.S. classrooms. Some of the subjects covered are fraud, advice on how to make your home secure, fire escape plan, reminders about candles and other fire safety issues, and also have a listing of all medications available.


These visits are set up through an individual who belongs to a Homeschoolers group. We provide education in our Police, Fire and E.M.S. classroom, with the students being divided into the different age groups. If you require further information on booking for a trip to the Safety Village, please contact the office.

Montessori Schools, Co-op Nursery Schools and Ontario Early Years, are also welcome to book in for a half day in the village.

Other Organizations

If you feel your organization could benefit from a trip to the Niagara Safety Village, please contact the office.